Honeylang History

Honeylang History

Honeylang History

“Song Seung Heon who could understand the current of photographing and expressed his own feelings at the very first day…looking back upon that debut day of Song Seung Heon, I realized that I made a new big star through my camera not took a picture of a new model….” By Cho Se Hyun, photographer in column “star & face”, Munhwa daily newspaper

It was a historical event happened in 1995.
Not a long time is necessary to be known name of Song Seung Heon by the public.
For he was a big shining star…from his debut day…

Song Seung Heon’s next step is not toward satisfaction or settlement…
Through ceaseless challenges ranging from braun tube to screen he showed his will and efforts to be a true actor not being contented as a star…

Actor Song Seung Heon…he is going on his way today.

Honeylang is only official fan club that is recognized by Song Seung Heon.

Honeylang is voluntary and active community consisted of his fans who want to give him full support and forever love as long as Song Seung Heon is continuing his career as an actor.
Honeylang is Song Seung Heon’s forever partner who is in pain when he is sick, who is consolation to him when he is sad and who joins in the laugh when he is happy…Honeylang is with him whenever and wherever as a reliable and proud supporter to Song Seung Heon.

Honeylang is another star throwing a light to help a big star Song Seung Heon emit his light forever on his way to a true actor.

Honeylang standing by Song Seung Heon!

1st period

1998.12.13 Foundation Ceremony – Bohoon Hall
1999.01.29 Fan Meeting – Apkujeong Bodyguard

2nd period

1999.10.10 Birthday Party – Daehakro Theater Manyeo

3rd period

2001.09.30 Fan Meeting – Jongro Yeongang Hall
2001.11.16 Open official cafe for Movie “Just Run”
2002.01.20 Honeylang Gathering – Istar
2002.02.25 Visit “Just Run” shooting place – Changdeok girls’ highschool
2002.04.05 General Meeting – Istar

4th period

2002.04.27 Attend a “Suhsewon Show” – KBS
2002.05.01 Join “Just Run” premiere for the press -Myungdong Jungang Theater
2002.05.06~05.08 Group viewing for “Just Run” premiere – Cinehouse, Cinecity
2002.05.10~05.11 Join greeting for “Just Run” release – Freya Town MMC, Seoul Theater
Daehan theater, City theater, Megabox
2002.05.25 Group viewing for “Just Run” – Seoul theater
2002.06.01 Group viewing for “Just Run” – Megabox
2002.07.31 Open official cafe for “Ice Rain”
2002.09.24 Visit filming start for “Ice Rain” – Jiri Mt. Cheoneun temple
2003.02.22 Photo-shooting event by InToIn – Kyunggido Siheung branch
2003.03.01 Photo-shooting event by InToIn – Daegu Dongsungro branch
2003.04.26 Photo-shooting event by InToIn – Hwayangri branch
2003.05.10 Photo-shooting event by InToIn – Jeonju branch
2003.09.08 Join last shooting for “Summer Scent”
2003.09.20 Photo-shooting event by InToIn – Ehwa Univ. branch
2003.09.27 Photo-shooting event by InToIn – Pusan branch 

5th period

2004.01.05 Join “Ice Rain” premiere for the press – Daehan theater
2004.01.12 “Ice Rain” premiere for Honeylang – Megabox
2004.01.16 Join greeting for “Ice Rain” – Seoul theater, Cinecore
Dongdaemoon MMC, Megabox
2004.01.17 Join greeting for “Ice Rain” – Sangam CGV, Mpark
2004.02.03 Group viewing for “Ice Rain” – Megabox
2004.02.23 Open “The Guy was Gorgeous” cafe
2004.03.01 Join autograph event – Lotte Dept. Store Daegu Sangin branch
2004.06.19 Photo-shooting event by IntoIn – Cheongrayngri branch
2004.07.12 Join “The Guy was Gorgeous” premiere for the press – Seoul theater
2004.07.12 “The Guy was Gorgeous” premiere for Honeylang – Seoul theater
2004.07.22 Join greeting tour for “The Guy was Gorgeous” release – Seoul theater,
Daehan theater, etc.
2004.07.23~2004.08.01 Join greeting tour for “The Guy was Gorgeous” release – the whole nation Seoul, Bundang, Cheonan, Daejeon, Jeonju, Kwangju, Pusan, etc.
2004.11.16 Seeing off for enlistment – Chuncheon 102 reserves in Kangwondo 

6th period

2005.2.23 Welcoming 100th day leave – Hwacheon in Kangwondo
2005.06.12 1st Song Seung Heon Image Presentation – Coex Auditorium in Samsungdong
2005.06.12~06.15 Summer Scent Shooting Places Tour – Muju Resort, Damyang, Bosung, etc
2005.10.05 Honeylang Annual Meeting and Birthday Party – Bijoo

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